E-man (pittscolt45) wrote in drinkthakoolaid,


** NAME: Tyler
** AGE: 18
** LOCATION: Cincinasty, OH
** FAVORITE FLAVOR OF KOOLAID: The grape flavor that's actually green, even though really it just tastes like shit. Ask, why do I like it? Because I never drink koolaid and I think the fact that koolaid can change colors is ridiculous.
** BODY TYPE/ ABILITIES (can you run from cops, carry body bags, etc): Skinny, athletic-ish, occasionally look like a junkie. Not only can I run from the cops, I have run from the cops- and I could carry a bodybag, just, how far are we talking? Like, to the car? Or the creek? Where will we be in relation to both?
** HOW WOULD YOU PREFER TO DIE? (please don't kill yourself. we want to keep our members): I want to piss someone off enough so that they kill me in a violent crime of passion. That would make me proud.
** WHAT FAMOUS PERSON SHOULD DRINK THE KOOLAID?: Since someone already went with Tom Cruise, lets just go with Canada.
** WHAT IS THE CUTEST THING YOU'VE SEEN THIS WEEK?: Two puppies named after the main characters in the His Dark Materials trilogy. I love those books.
** WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR HOBBIES? About the same as any other dumbfuck teenage headcase. Excessive (add activity here, form of entertainment, or sport- no, actually, don't do sport) and too much sleep.
** PLEASE INCLUDE 3-5 PICTURES OF YOURSELF (just for fun.) Not on my computer now, but when I do post them... can they be naked?
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